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Terms and Conditions



Our aim is to allow the internet users to have a database of accommodations with their own web page containing images, description and price list. Internet navigators can find and look up the structures, which have themselves provided BBPLANET with the information concerning their lodging. BBPLANET is neither a travel agency nor a tour operator and thereby it does not interfere or step in the booking in any way or for any reason. Our service grounds on the information that the structures provide us with. For this reason BBPLANET is devoid of any responsibility about inaccuracy or lack of information. According to this we do not intermediate between the tourist and the structure as well as have any responsibility in the matter of the terms of the contract stipulated between the tourist and the structure but for what concerns the activity of delivering information from the latter to the tourist.


By no means is your personal data likely to be given to others. Given data is at unique use of the structure which the tourist is asking for availability and/or booking. There is no other possible use of your data.

Payment by Credit Card

As a booking guarantee, you will be paying down a deposit by credit card to the Italian bank Banca Antonveneta.

Unlike other on-line booking systems, with BBPlanet your credit card’s data will be accessible neither to BBPlanet nor to the structure; instead it will be managed only by the bank with its security high standards (128 bit Protocol ss13).
This is the most effective existing guarantee for the privacy of your credit card’s data. The structure will be receiving the payment without knowing any financial detail.

As booking confirmation you will receive two e-mails: one by the bank and the other by BBPlanet.

Free service

Our service is completely free. Therefore no further cost will be applied to the accommodation’s price.

Free Cancellation

You can annul a booking on-line in obedience the “Cancellation Terms” and have your deposit re-credited with no fine.

Exemption from Responsibility

BBPlanet Srl offers information and booking service grounded on availability and data directly provided by hotels, bed and breakfast, holiday lodgings and farmhouses that can make variations at any moment and therefore remain the sole responsible for any change in the price list, information and/or sojourn conditions. BBPlanet Srl is thereby devoid of any possible inaccuracy, mistake and/or lack of information, this being attentively inserted in the web page such as we receive it from by the structure itself.