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FAQ - BBPlanet (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

On BBPlanet you can find more than 13500 Hotels, B&B, Apartments, Residences and Farmhouses in Italy, which gives you a wide choice.
Bbplanet is neither a travel agency nor a tour operator; the specific information about the affiliated structures are directly furnished by the latter and not by BBPlanet.
Our aim is to allow the internet users to have a database of accommodations consisting of web pages containing images, descriptions and price list. Internet navigators can find and look up these structures that have themselves provided BBPLANET with the information concerning their lodging. All information is directly managed by the structure.
Bbplanet on-line booking system is easy and fast. You are to chose your destination, visit the web page of the structure and ask for availability.

How do I look for my accommodation?

You can launch a search by city by entering its name in the field “Destination” you find in all BBPlanet’s pages.
If you already know the name of the structure, you can enter it in the field “Look for a Structure by Name” you find on the page that opens once you have launched the search by city.

How do I check the structure’s availability?

Structures Without Instant Booking

It concerns those structures, usually Apartments, little B&B or Farmhouses you can book on-line only after having received an offer.
To receive an offer from these structures click on "Availability Request". In short, the structure will send you an e-mail giving the best price for the chosen period.

Structures With Instant Booking

You can immediately check both the availability of these structures and the final price concerning the chosen period. By sending the request, the booking of the structure will be effective real-time and you will receive a confirmation e-mail on your account.

How do I confirm my bookings?

Once you've chosen your accommodation, you can book by paying the security deposit by credit card.

Click on "Credit Card"

You'll be addressed to the web page of the Bank onto which you have to deposit your money. The structure you've chosen will be promptly informed of both the booking and the set deposit.

The payment is guaranteed by the highest standard criteria (128 bit Protocol ss13)

Unlike other on-line booking systems, with BBPlanet your credit card's data will be accessible neither to BBPlanet nor to the structure; instead it will be managed only by the Bank with its security high standards.
This is the most effective existing guarantee for the privacy of your credit card's data. The structure will be receiving the payment without knowing any financial detail.

For each booking you will receive two confirmation e-mails: one by the bank and the other by BBPlanet. We suggest to print the page with the data.

You can check your bookings' status at any moment by clicking onto "Bookings" on top of BBPlanet homepage.


Where do I find the structure’s address, phone number and e-mail?

Once you have confirmed the booking process you'll receive a confirmation e-mail with all structure's data.

How do I check the bookings’ status?

You can check the status of your requests and/or bookings by clicking on “Bookings” on top of BBPlanet homepage.

What if I have not received the confirmation e-mail?

Check in "Incoming Mail" or "Spam" box of the e-mail address you entered at the moment of the booking.
As an alternative you can log in from BBPlanet homepage by clicking on "Bookings".

How do I cancel a booking?

Bookings can be cancelled by either the link you received with the booking confirmation e-mail or your own account.

To cancel a booking from your own account click on "Bookings" on top of BBPlanet homepage ( and enter UserID and Password.
Form here you can look at the list of the bookings.
Click onto the detail of the booking you want to annul and click again onto the box "Cancel Booking N. 00000" you find on the bottom page.
After your booking has been cancelled you'll receive an e-mail that confirms your cancellation.
The same e-mail is also received by the interested structure; therefore there is no need to contact it again.

The cancellation is devoid of penalties only if the "Cancellation Terms" indicated by the structure are not expired.

BBPlanet does not accept cancellation requests via e-mail, even if sent within the "Cancellation Terms".
The cancellation can only be made by following the indicated procedure.